Accessible in varied specifications and models we offer a large assortment of robust structured Valves that our customers can choose according to their requirements. The manufacturing of the entire assortment is done in compliance with the standard quality guidelines. Even the high-grade metals or raw components used are quality tested first and then employed in the production process as the quality and durability of the Valves depend a lot on its raw material’s quality. We are glad to bring forth such an advance range of valves that finds its use/application in numerous industries right from construction, petrochemical to mining and more.


1) It has a sturdy structure
2) It works efficiently and gives high performance
3) The valves have a long operational life
4) Can withstand damages cause from chemicals and rust
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PTFE Lined Ball Check Valve

This PTFE Lined Ball Check Valves are immune to most aggressive chemicals. These are extensively used in place of expensive alloys such as titanium and hastelloy. These valves are fully lined with fluoropolymer resin. These valves are easy to install either vertically or horizontally, depending upon the requirements of application. The unique design of the valve offers excellent flow characteristics to minimize pressure loss.

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PTFE Lined Sight Flow Indicator

These PTFE Lined Sight Flow Indicators are specifically designed for visually observing the flow of corrosive media such as chlorides, sulfates, acids, bleach solutions, solvents and phenols. Completely lines with PTFE, these flow indicators are inert to a wide range of corrosive chemicals. Highly suitable for use in high temperature applications, our entire range is available for clients in all standard sizes to meet their particular application requirements.

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PTFE Lined Swing Check Valve

This PTFE Lined Swing Check Valve allows flow in only one direction, thus preventing backflow in the system. These valves are easy to install in horizontal or vertical position. Particularly suited to low velocity applications, these are available for clients in all pressure classes and sizes to meet their wide range of requirements. They require minimal maintenance and are easy to install. We are offering these valves to clients at competitive prices.

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PTFE Lined Globe Valve

Avail superior quality PTFE Lined Globe Valve at cost-effective rates and we guarantee that our valve’s robustness, good service life and operational efficiency would totally satisfy our customers. In customized specifications also, the valves are designed by us.

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PTFE Lined Diaphragm Valve

Made of high-grade metal bodies and allied components our offered PTFE Lined Diaphragm Valve is of superior quality that finds its use in petrochemical, automobile and allied industries. The rugged construction and durability of our valves is widely appreciated by the users.

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PTFE Lined Sampling Valve

Our wide range of PTFE Lined Sampling Valve can be manually or automatically operated for convenience and safety. These are specially designed for providing safe sampling of toxic or highly corrosive media without interruption of process flow. These valves are widely used in various applications including water treatment, waste processing, food processing, chemical, and agriculture. Made in accordance with industry standards using best quality PTFE, these valves are easy to install.

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PTFE Lined Plug Valve

We are specialized manufacturers of PTFE Lined Plug Valve that are used in piping and allied application areas. The valve is developed in our company in accordance to the norms so that the quality of the final output is of best standards.

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PTFE Lined Flush Bottom Valve

These PTFE Lined Flush Bottom Valves find extensive applications in chemical as well as pharmaceutical industry. These valves are manufactured with polymers lining which is anti corrosive as well as food grade. PTFE material used in manufacturing these valves is inert to almost all acids and alkalis which gives them longer working life. Available in a wide range of sizes, these valves are reasonable in prices.

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PTFE Lined Ball Valve

Extensively used in industries for regulating and controlling the flow of liquids and gases, this PTFE Lined Ball Valve is offered at feasible price. Easy to install and simple to maintain, this valve is wisely manufactured in compliance with industry standards. Extensively used in a wide range of process applications, these are high in demand in mining, petrochemical refining, oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. We are offering this valve to clients in all standard sizes at feasible prices.

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FEP/PFA Lined Plug Valve

Features an encapsulated plug rotating in a fully lined body, this FEP/PFA Lined Plug Vale is reasonable in price. Superior quality PFA lining used in this valve economically handles the most corrosive fluids. These valves also remain unaffected by the fluctuations in processing temperatures and chemical concentration. Highly suitable for chemical process industries, these valves provide maximum corrosion resistance and the elimination of product contamination.

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PVDF Lined Ball Valve

The PVDF Lined Ball Valve is specially designed for handling corrosive media in industries such as chemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, printing and water treatment. Features, low flow resistance, quick opening easy operation and tight shutoff, these valves are ideal for use in a variety of applications without the risk of liner collapse, shrinkage, cracking or blowout. In addition, it also provides long service life with low maintenance.

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PTFE Ball Valve Actuator Operator

Best known for its rugged design and dimensional accuracy, this PTFE Ball Valve Actuator Operator is offered at nominal price. Manufactured in complete compliance with industry standards using best quality PTFE material procured from reputed vendors of market, the entire range comes in all standard sizes to meet diverse requirements of clients. It is highly applicable in chemical, mining and pharmaceutical industry for regulating the flow of liquids and gases in the system.

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Y Type Strainer

One of the main advantages with this Y Type Strainer is that it can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. These are specifically designed for years of trouble-free operation in the harshest environments. These are the important part of the piping line and strain debris from the process fluid. We supply this strainer for use in various industries such as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper & pulp and petrochemical.


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